File Type: Specifications
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597112Stress types431SpecificationsStress typesStress typesNCEESStress typesStrength of Materials
597113Combined stresses432SpecificationsCombined stressesCombined stressesNCEESCombined stressesStrength of Materials
597114Stress and strain433SpecificationsStress and strainStress and strainNCEESStress and strainStrength of Materials
597115Analysis of beams, trusses, frames, and columns434SpecificationsAnalysis of beams, trusses, frames, and Analysis of beams, trusses, frames, and NCEESAnalysis of beams, trusses, frames, and Strength of Materials
597116Deflection and deformations435SpecificationsDeflection and deformationsDeflection and deformationsNCEESDeflection and deformationsStrength of Materials
597117Elastic and plastic deformation436SpecificationsElastic and plastic deformationElastic and plastic deformationNCEESElastic and plastic deformationStrength of Materials
597118Failure theory and analysis437SpecificationsFailure theory and analysisFailure theory and analysisNCEESFailure theory and analysisStrength of Materials