Prophet Moses


The Birth of Moses 28:2-7

Moses Thrown into the Nile

Moses Finds a Home 28:9

Moses and His Mother Reunited 28:10-13

The Qualities of Moses 28:14

Moses Kills and Egyptian 28:15-21

Moses Leaves Egypt

Moses Helps Women Shepherds 28:22-24

Moses Finds a Home among Shepherds

Moses Becomes a Shepherd 28:25-28

The Ten Years Preparation

Moses Decides to Return to Egypt

Moses Begins His Prophethood 9-24

Moses and Aaron (PBUT) Given Their Duties 20:25-48

Moses and Aaron (PBUT) Talk to the Pharaoh 26:16-31

Moses Proves Himself Right 26:30-33

Moses Defeats the Magicians 20:58-73

Allah’s Description of Believers and Non-Believers 20:74-76

The People’s Non-Reaction to the defeat of the magicians

The Pharaoh’s Reaction to Moses’ Victory 40:36-37, 28:38

Pharaoh’s Men Spread Rumors

Pharaoh’s Men harm the Believers 7:129

Korah (Qaroun) – His Action and Destruction 28:76-82

The Pharaoh’s Relative Defends Moses 40:26-45

Egypt Suffers a Drought and a Flood

Egypt’s Crops are destroyed by Locusts 7:134

Egypt Becomes Infested with Lice

Egypt Becomes Infested with Frogs

Allah’s Punishments on the Disbelievers 7:130-133, 7:135

Moses’ Story – Condensed 43:46-56

Moses is allowed to Leave Egypt 10:88-89

The Pharaoh Learns of the Believers’ Escape 10:83-86

The Parting of the Red Sea

The Death of the Pharaoh

The Escape of Moses’ People 26:52-68

Moses’ People’s Escape and Pharaoh’s Death 10:90-92

The Moses’ People Desire an Idol 7:138-141

Allah’s Favors on Moses’ People 2:60-61

The Cowardice of Moses’ People 5:20-24

Allah Keeps Moses’ People Wandering 5:25-26

Moses Fasts for Forty Days

Moses Speaks to Allah 7:142-147

The Ten Commandments 6:151-152

The Story of Golden Calf

Moses’ People Turn Idolatry 20:87-91

Aaron Tries to Reason with the Idolaters

The Conversation between Allah and Moses 20:83-86

Moses Sees the Idolaters 20:83-98

The Idolaters’ Punishment 2:54

Moses’ People Demand to See Allah 2:35

Moses Pray for His People 7:155-157

Story of the Israelites and the Cow

The People Ask Questions about a Cow

Moses’ People Find the Right Cow

The People are asked to Slaughter a Cow 2:67-74

Story of Moses and Al-Khidr

Moses’ Suffering

Allah Clears Moses of False Rumors

The Death of Aaron

The Death of Moses