People of Ar-Rass


Likewise were destroyed the 'Ad and the Thamud and the people of RassEN25:52, and many generations in between.  25:38

We admonished each one of them by citing the examples (of those who were destroyed before them) and ultimately annihilated all of them. 25:39


EN25:52 They were a people who killed their Prophet by throwing him into or hanging him down a "Rass" (an old or dry well).


Before them the people of Noah and the people of the Rass and Thamud also denied, 50:12

and so did 'Ad and PharaohEN50:53 and the brethren of Lot 50:13




and the dwellers of Aiykah and the people of Tubba'EN50:54, EN50:55, everyone denied the Messengers,EN50:56 and consequently My scourge proved true against them.EN50:57 50:14